Vendor Profile: Cousin Kenny’s

Cousin Kenny’s Barbecue has been a must-try at the Hillsboro Markets since the early 2000’s. Kenny McCann started cooking as just a hobby until he decided construction wasn’t for him anymore and then he began the venture of turning his side project into a business. Over the course of two years, he ran with his […]

Vendor Profile: Kiyokawa Orchards

Kiyokawa Family Orchards has one of the biggest varieties of apples, pears, peaches, and cherries at the market. Diversification has been a huge area of focus as more and more requests came in over the years for specific types of apples and pears. Located in the Hood River Valley, they are able to produce upwards […]

Vendor Profile: Pruitt’s Farm

Pruitt’s Farm has been a vendor with the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets on and off since the very beginning, taking each chance they get to further connect with the community. They’ve become a staple this year with their delicious produce and creative booth setup decoration. Harvesting all the produce they can and reusing products before tossing them […]

Vendor Profile: Universal Love Healing Center LLC

In early 2015, Candice Doyle decided to embark on an idea she has that healing has many purposes and can be aided in different ways. She founded Universal Love Healing Center to combine services you’d normally have to go to separately in one convenient location. Doyle is a sport & rehabilitative therapist specializing in massage […]

Vendor Profile: Stoked

Stoked luxury soy wax candles was started last year in August when founder Elizabeth Archambeau was prompted by friends and family to turn her unique hobby into a small business. She first started handing out her homemade candles as gifts on special occasions and kept experimenting with more scents for fun. Finding a way to […]