Vendor Profile: Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company

Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company was founded in 1987 by husband and wife duo, Bob and Rachelle Walchli. They grow all types of melons and beyond with their most notable item being Black Watermelons, which have a black rind, thin skin, and a deep red seedless inside, giving it a higher percentage of sugar than most.

The Walchli’s farm is on 40 acres of land out in Hermiston, Oregon and Rachelle makes the drive out to Hillsboro every week just to participate in our Saturday Market. With the help of Harold and Evelyn Triplet, and Mel Salzwedel, who pitch in to help set up the booth and lend a hand wherever they can, it makes it possible for the Walchli’s to participate in 5 markets a week and have a fruit stand open 7 days a week at exit 164 on I-84 at Boardman. They’ve been participating in the Hillsboro Markets for 26 seasons and are still going strong.

Even with the amount they grow and sell, they prefer to sell at the markets and directly to the community rather than mass producing them for supermarkets. They never use any pesticides, instead using only a liquified brown sugar spray to keep the bugs away. Every fertilizer they use are all natural and clean.

There is always a line coming from Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company booth at the market and a constant buzz about how great the produce they grow and sell are. Early in the week they’re at markets in Tri-Cities Washington, but you can catch them in Hillsboro every Saturday at the Downtown Market. Pop in, say hi, grab a watermelon or two, and continue supporting local produce and community.