Vendor Profile: Universal Love Healing Center LLC

In early 2015, Candice Doyle decided to embark on an idea she has that healing has many purposes and can be aided in different ways. She founded Universal Love Healing Center to combine services you’d normally have to go to separately in one convenient location. Doyle is a sport & rehabilitative therapist specializing in massage therapy that caters to each individual client based on their personal needs. The center works in unison with many other practitioners, healthcare providers, and insurances to be of the utmost convenience to the customers and community. The central goal is to calm the nervous system by using unique methods she’s gained from working with many clients and other therapists along the way. 

The future of the company is all about inclusive expansion, the incorporation of a growing practitioners list and to reach out to help even more clients heal. Doyle also talks about her interest in starting a nonprofit to talk about diversity and awareness about healing and everyone’s differing paths to health. The hope is to open more centers around Oregon and continue helping the community. Their mission statement is: “Universal: Modalities, ancient and new, used individually or blended to take the very best care of you. Universal in that all who enter through our doors are treated with respect and dignity. Love Healing: We truly do. Healing hands can take away your aches, pain and stress. Center: Our business, inspired with passion, centered and focused on you and your wellbeing.”

This is the first year the Universal Love Healing Center is involved in the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets. Doyle talks highly about the community and the love she’s received. First visits to the shop offer a 20% discount, so book your appointment at the Saturday Market in Downtown Hillsboro or visit their webpage at or at

Universal Love Healing Center is where your healing begins.