Vendor Profile: These Dreams Are Clay

 Randy Goossen began These Dreams Are Clay to incorporate her creativity into her knowledge as a Geologist by forming clay into ceramic tiles, pendants, and pottery. Collecting local native leaves, cool found rocks, and burning horse hair for charring imprints, nature is always a part of Goossen’s designs. Every piece is unique and involves a bit of her personality. There are dragons, video game references, and other “artistic geek” pieces as she likes to call them. She got involved with the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets two and a half years ago after being referred by her friend who is also a vendor.

Using six different clay bodies, each piece is able to take on a life of its own via its environment. The two types of kilns Goossen uses are an indoor electric for everyday use and an outdoor Raku tank for specific and intricate works. The Raku tank has a metal container you can fill with various burnable materials to change the oxygen levels which will affect the color of each piece. This process is very dependent on what kind of materials are used, the amount, how each fragment lands, and how much oxygen is consumed. The fire then puts itself out and a creation is made.

Based in her home in Beaverton, she offers beginning ceramics classes to introduce people to the craft and get their hands on some clay. She took ceramics in school and grew up with a fondness for clay, nature, and creation. She’s always open to doing custom work to cater to your specific artistic needs. You can email her at or message her online on either Facebook or Etsy, at the username These Dreams Are Clay.