Vendor Profile: Stoked

Stoked luxury soy wax candles was started last year in August when founder Elizabeth Archambeau was prompted by friends and family to turn her unique hobby into a small business. She first started handing out her homemade candles as gifts on special occasions and kept experimenting with more scents for fun. Finding a way to incorporate her love for old-time Hollywood cinema into rare aromas makes Stoked a fun and different choice. Archambeau focuses on the idea of sense and memory which makes her film idea hit close to home. While watching old films, she captures the personality of classic characters and encapsulates what they would be as a candle. For example, one scent is titled “I washed my face and hands” from the classic film ‘My Fair Lady’ which pairs clean linen with pear and floral aromas for a pretty and light feel.

Archambeau makes her candles out of organic soy wax and fragrance oils used for perfumes for a stronger lasting smell. All candles are placed in glass containers with cotton wicks and are named after a certain quote from a character in one of the many films she loves. There are currently nine scents and she’s working on Fall and Winter ones as the season changes.

Looking to expand into the wedding market, Stoked would be a great addition to your day with Archambeau’s special vision. To encapsulate the bride and groom into their own one-of-a-kind essence would be such a fun adventure and keepsake. Stoked also does online sales through her Instagram and Facebook both at “stokedpnw”, and her website She does custom work which you can get in touch with her about through her social medias above. Her main revenue comes from the Downtown Hillsboro Markets on Saturday. Come check out all the fun aromas at our remaining markets through the end of October and support local artists, farmers, and vendors like Stoked.