Vendor Profile: Our Little Farm and Nursery

In 1996, after being tired of working in an office for years and just wanting to be outside in nature, Lisa Goldbeck, founder of Our Little Farm and Nursery, began her own adventure of gardening and growing goods. Since the age of three, she’s been tending to gardens at her childhood home and continues to grow her peppers on their land. This love of home-grown produce has been nurtured by being involved in the community via farmers markets and other local farms.

Her partner Randy Goldbeck joined this adventure with her a few years later and they now have His and Her gardens at their home. They specialize in the mass amount of plant varieties they grow. From peppers to eggplants to pumpkins in the fall, Our Little Farm and Nursery has so much to offer. They have a 40 lb barrel used just for roasting peppers and have been focusing on their way of roasting peppers for almost five years now. Next weekend, August 13th, they are getting Hatch Chilies in which are wildly popular and are always asked about so be on the watch for those!

Everything Our Little Farm and Nursery grows is from the heart. An equal amount of effort and love is put into every seedling. With a constant flux in selection, Lisa and Randy are always adding new vegetables and changing up the routine to keep to keep things exciting. Their genuine love for farming, growing, and community really set Our Little Farm and Nursery apart. They welcome everyone into their little world with open arms and it feels like home.


Catch them at the Hillsboro Sunday Market at Orenco now until the fall and stock up on fresh vegetables.