Vendor Profile: JenStone Kreations

JenStone Kreations is the name of Jenny Kreafle’s business. Jenny is a local artist who specializes in beautiful and intricate rock paintings.

13920215_10153593441167191_829446008938640241_oWhat is your name and where are you from?

Jenny Kreafle, Columbia City, OR

What is your background?

I grew up in Scappoose, OR and attended Oregon State University. I currently teach 2nd grade in St. Helens, OR.

What is the name of your business and what do you specialize in?

JenStone Kreations; rock painting. Aside from the rock art at my show, my favorite thing to do is personalized orders for customers. I also paint glass Christmas ornaments, repaint yard ornament/statues, and recently was asked to paint a simple mural on a shed. All of these creative outlets are a gift that I find immense joy at doing.

When did you start JenStone Kreations?

August of 2015

What led you to start your own business?

An outlet to healing on my journey of being sober (2041 days as I write or 5 years 7 most and 2 days)

How does living in Oregon influence your business?

Image Credit: Jenny Kreafle

Image Credit: Jenny Kreafle

Lots of places to find rocks of all kinds!

What is the most unique thing about JenStone Creations?

Being artistic was never something I considered myself good at until God opened that door. I enjoy what I do tremendously and could sit all day and paint.

What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

Ability to be creative and making people smile.

How long have you been involved in the farmer’s market?

This is the first year I have been involved.

What is your favorite thing about the farmer’s market?

Being at the Farmers Market in Hillsboro as allowed me to show my work in an area where my art was unknown.

Where can people find you online?

I am on Facebook!