Vendor Profile: Helvetia Farms

Helvetia Farms was founded by Cheryl Wilson who made great use of her family’s land by making all natural products including but not limited to, soaps, essential oils, lotions, deodorant, nail polish, and toothpaste.

She later passed the company down to her niece, Nicole Miller, in 2012 when she was just 16 years old. Nicole now makes all the products and runs the booth at both the Thursday and Saturday Hillsboro Farmers Markets. Nicole finds joy in the design of products like carving faeries into soap molds and adding glitter to top it off .

The variety of all Helvetia Farms has to offer is what really sets them apart. Nothing is ever tested on animals, and is always made with the most simple, natural ingredients. Based in Helvetia, Oregon, everything is locally grown and harvested to ensure the cleanest processes for your skincare products.

If you’re looking for a new beauty routine, stop by Helvetia Farms to pick up a new shampoo, lotion, or soap to add to your collection. A fun idea to use their essential oils is to run a few drops in front of a fan for a calming aroma throughout the room. The creativity in every product makes sure there’s fun every use. Plus, it’s all natural!