Vendor Profile: Essance Skincare

Essance Skincare began in 2005 when owner and founder Jasmine Tran had the idea of matching her passion for research and development with her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies. After working extensively helping others to get their start-ups off the ground, Tran decided to start her own brand. Her goal was to create products to benefit skin by giving it more of a boost and chance for recovery. All the formulas are handmade by Tran and she says she’s become her own doctor. She hopes to benefit others by selling everything from deodorants, essential oils, moisturizer, facial care, body care, and beyond.

Most major skin care brands mimic each other and one up another by paying attention to the trends, while Essance brings skin care back to its core. Essance focuses on the natural healing elements of nature instead of chemically processed formulas from a lab. Using Chaga mushrooms in the formulas has been a unique twist that is uncommon in general ingredient lists. These mushrooms grow on birch trees and are black masses that help keep the tree healthy. Consuming them in tea is a great way to absorb the massive amount of antioxidants it has to offer and boost your immune system (22x higher than the blueberry and 14x higher than the reishimushroom.) 

Essance Skincare became a vendor at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets and Beaverton Markets just this year. Tran runs booths at both markets and operates the business on her own. Her goal for Essance Skincare is for it to double in size as each year before it. This year they are at two farmers markets, selling at New Seasons, and have their own storefront in Portland. Next year she wants to add two more markets, sell to Market Of Choice, and hire more employees to be able to do so. Tran’s vision of her brand is to be able to help skin from the source of the problem and loves to hear feedback from her many happy customers. She’s always thinking 5 steps ahead which makes Essance Skincare a great choice for anyone wanting to nourish their skin healthily and naturally.

You can find Essance Skincare on their website, on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ as EssanceSkincare, or by email at