Vendor Profile: Cousin Kenny’s

Cousin Kenny’s Barbecue has been a must-try at the Hillsboro Markets since the early 2000’s. Kenny McCann started cooking as just a hobby until he decided construction wasn’t for him anymore and then he began the venture of turning his side project into a business. Over the course of two years, he ran with his love for food and hit the market scene. Still, he always jokes “We make everything but a profit”. Cousin Kenny’s is a market-only, word-of-mouth, community known and loved stand. They specialize in pork and have their own smoker they cook with as well.

Kenny has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, including Newport and Astoria, cooking for anyone and everyone. Between festivals, booths, prep, and shopping, Cousin Kenny’s is a full-time operation without even having their own storefront. Technically retired after having a stroke that rendered him unfit for construction, Kenny stays busy doing all he can to serve his customers, first-timers and regulars. Known for their signature biscuits & gravy, they know how to warm up these cold Autumn days. Everyone who helps out at Cousin Kenny’s are kind-hearted, friendly folks who make every penny & moment worth your time.

They’re currently exclusively at the Hillsboro Saturday and Sunday Hillsboro Markets where you can find them serving up comfort food with pure smiles. They’re also online on facebook at