Vendor Profile: Bennett Urban Farm Store

Bennett Urban Farm Store & Coffee Roasting Company specialize in homemade jams and coffee by husband-and-wife duo, Mark and Rene Bennett. After receiving raw green coffee beans as a gift 5 years ago, Mark Bennett has grown a passion for roasting coffee in unique ways ever since. Experimenting ways of roasting varying from the kitchen stovetop to roasting on a barbecue rotisserie basket in the backyard, he has accumulated over 60 lbs a week of coffee. Mark started off ordering 10 lb bags of coffee which has grown into 125 lb bags over the short 5 years he’s been roasting. A commercial roaster is also on its way to add to the growing list of ways to roast.

Mark roasted, and Rene, his wife of 31 years, created flavorful quality jams. Every batch is made in small amounts to ensure they have the best flavor they can and all the growers are local and personal friends of the Bennett’s. All the berries are hand-picked and only the best make it into each batch. The Bennett’s pride themselves in being a family based business allowing their kids to help out as well. Several local businesses have featured The Bennett’s products in their short 5 years of publicly selling their creations including Clark’s who use Rene’s jam on their sandwiches, and New Seasons Market who carry both their coffee beans and jam. They have a certified domestic kitchen which allow them to continue to work from home which makes it all feel personal.

Their main base to find them are at the markets all around Hillsboro, including Sundays at Orenco Station where Kitchen Kaboodle lets them set up shop outside their store-front. Although they’re there most every market day, they will not be at the Saturday market on August 12th due to a family commitment, but watch out for them any other market day. If you can’t make it out to a market, they do have an online mail order service so you don’t have to miss out on their delicious home-grown coffee and jams!