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Vendor Profile: Stoked

Stoked luxury soy wax candles was started last year in August when founder Elizabeth Archambeau was prompted by friends and family to turn her unique hobby into a small business. She first started handing out her homemade candles as gifts on special occasions and kept experimenting with more scents for fun. Finding a way to incorporate her love for old-time Hollywood cinema into rare aromas makes Stoked a fun and different choice. Archambeau focuses on the idea of sense and memory which makes her film idea hit close to home. While watching old films, she captures the personality of classic characters and encapsulates what they would be as a candle. For example, one scent is titled “I washed my face and hands” from the classic film ‘My Fair Lady’ which pairs clean linen with pear and floral aromas for a pretty and light feel.

Archambeau makes her candles out of organic soy wax and fragrance oils used for perfumes for a stronger lasting smell. All candles are placed in glass containers with cotton wicks and are named after a certain quote from a character in one of the many films she loves. There are currently nine scents and she’s working on Fall and Winter ones as the season changes.

Looking to expand into the wedding market, Stoked would be a great addition to your day with Archambeau’s special vision. To encapsulate the bride and groom into their own one-of-a-kind essence would be such a fun adventure and keepsake. Stoked also does online sales through her Instagram and Facebook both at “stokedpnw”, and her website She does custom work which you can get in touch with her about through her social medias above. Her main revenue comes from the Downtown Hillsboro Markets on Saturday. Come check out all the fun aromas at our remaining markets through the end of October and support local artists, farmers, and vendors like Stoked. 














Vendor Profile: Hubrich Farms

Hubrich Farms was founded by Grant and Sandy Hubrich in 1983 and remains a family run business after 30+ years. After working in the high-tech industry at Intel, they decided to try to make a living selling fruits and veggies. With Grant’s previous knowledge from working on a bulb farm to put himself through college, they’ve been successful and able to make a substantial living.


Over the years, they’ve added flowers that have become a main focus on the farm. They sell a variety of flowers from potted tulips and daffodils to hyacinths which run from January to April every year. Their annual plants, baskets, and planters are available April through June. The rest of the year from June into October they offer self-serve produce including zucchini.

They are located at 775 SE Brookwood Ave. in Hillsboro, OR, 97123. You can find them at the Downtown Hillsboro Market on Saturdays, in which they have been involved since the beginning. You can also reach them at (503)-640-3882.












Vendor Profile: Essance Skincare

Essance Skincare began in 2005 when owner and founder Jasmine Tran had the idea of matching her passion for research and development with her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies. After working extensively helping others to get their start-ups off the ground, Tran decided to start her own brand. Her goal was to create products to benefit skin by giving it more of a boost and chance for recovery. All the formulas are handmade by Tran and she says she’s become her own doctor. She hopes to benefit others by selling everything from deodorants, essential oils, moisturizer, facial care, body care, and beyond.

Most major skin care brands mimic each other and one up another by paying attention to the trends, while Essance brings skin care back to its core. Essance focuses on the natural healing elements of nature instead of chemically processed formulas from a lab. Using Chaga mushrooms in the formulas has been a unique twist that is uncommon in general ingredient lists. These mushrooms grow on birch trees and are black masses that help keep the tree healthy. Consuming them in tea is a great way to absorb the massive amount of antioxidants it has to offer and boost your immune system (22x higher than the blueberry and 14x higher than the reishimushroom.) 

Essance Skincare became a vendor at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets and Beaverton Markets just this year. Tran runs booths at both markets and operates the business on her own. Her goal for Essance Skincare is for it to double in size as each year before it. This year they are at two farmers markets, selling at New Seasons, and have their own storefront in Portland. Next year she wants to add two more markets, sell to Market Of Choice, and hire more employees to be able to do so. Tran’s vision of her brand is to be able to help skin from the source of the problem and loves to hear feedback from her many happy customers. She’s always thinking 5 steps ahead which makes Essance Skincare a great choice for anyone wanting to nourish their skin healthily and naturally.

You can find Essance Skincare on their website, on Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ as EssanceSkincare, or by email at










Vendor Profile: These Dreams Are Clay

 Randy Goossen began These Dreams Are Clay to incorporate her creativity into her knowledge as a Geologist by forming clay into ceramic tiles, pendants, and pottery. Collecting local native leaves, cool found rocks, and burning horse hair for charring imprints, nature is always a part of Goossen’s designs. Every piece is unique and involves a bit of her personality. There are dragons, video game references, and other “artistic geek” pieces as she likes to call them. She got involved with the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets two and a half years ago after being referred by her friend who is also a vendor.

Using six different clay bodies, each piece is able to take on a life of its own via its environment. The two types of kilns Goossen uses are an indoor electric for everyday use and an outdoor Raku tank for specific and intricate works. The Raku tank has a metal container you can fill with various burnable materials to change the oxygen levels which will affect the color of each piece. This process is very dependent on what kind of materials are used, the amount, how each fragment lands, and how much oxygen is consumed. The fire then puts itself out and a creation is made.

Based in her home in Beaverton, she offers beginning ceramics classes to introduce people to the craft and get their hands on some clay. She took ceramics in school and grew up with a fondness for clay, nature, and creation. She’s always open to doing custom work to cater to your specific artistic needs. You can email her at or message her online on either Facebook or Etsy, at the username These Dreams Are Clay.









Vendor Profile: Helvetia Farms

Helvetia Farms was founded by Cheryl Wilson who made great use of her family’s land by making all natural products including but not limited to, soaps, essential oils, lotions, deodorant, nail polish, and toothpaste.

She later passed the company down to her niece, Nicole Miller, in 2012 when she was just 16 years old. Nicole now makes all the products and runs the booth at both the Thursday and Saturday Hillsboro Farmers Markets. Nicole finds joy in the design of products like carving faeries into soap molds and adding glitter to top it off .

The variety of all Helvetia Farms has to offer is what really sets them apart. Nothing is ever tested on animals, and is always made with the most simple, natural ingredients. Based in Helvetia, Oregon, everything is locally grown and harvested to ensure the cleanest processes for your skincare products.

If you’re looking for a new beauty routine, stop by Helvetia Farms to pick up a new shampoo, lotion, or soap to add to your collection. A fun idea to use their essential oils is to run a few drops in front of a fan for a calming aroma throughout the room. The creativity in every product makes sure there’s fun every use. Plus, it’s all natural! 






Vendor Profile: Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company

Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company was founded in 1987 by husband and wife duo, Bob and Rachelle Walchli. They grow all types of melons and beyond with their most notable item being Black Watermelons, which have a black rind, thin skin, and a deep red seedless inside, giving it a higher percentage of sugar than most.

The Walchli’s farm is on 40 acres of land out in Hermiston, Oregon and Rachelle makes the drive out to Hillsboro every week just to participate in our Saturday Market. With the help of Harold and Evelyn Triplet, and Mel Salzwedel, who pitch in to help set up the booth and lend a hand wherever they can, it makes it possible for the Walchli’s to participate in 5 markets a week and have a fruit stand open 7 days a week at exit 164 on I-84 at Boardman. They’ve been participating in the Hillsboro Markets for 26 seasons and are still going strong.

Even with the amount they grow and sell, they prefer to sell at the markets and directly to the community rather than mass producing them for supermarkets. They never use any pesticides, instead using only a liquified brown sugar spray to keep the bugs away. Every fertilizer they use are all natural and clean.

There is always a line coming from Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company booth at the market and a constant buzz about how great the produce they grow and sell are. Early in the week they’re at markets in Tri-Cities Washington, but you can catch them in Hillsboro every Saturday at the Downtown Market. Pop in, say hi, grab a watermelon or two, and continue supporting local produce and community.





Vendor Profile: Our Little Farm and Nursery

In 1996, after being tired of working in an office for years and just wanting to be outside in nature, Lisa Goldbeck, founder of Our Little Farm and Nursery, began her own adventure of gardening and growing goods. Since the age of three, she’s been tending to gardens at her childhood home and continues to grow her peppers on their land. This love of home-grown produce has been nurtured by being involved in the community via farmers markets and other local farms.

Her partner Randy Goldbeck joined this adventure with her a few years later and they now have His and Her gardens at their home. They specialize in the mass amount of plant varieties they grow. From peppers to eggplants to pumpkins in the fall, Our Little Farm and Nursery has so much to offer. They have a 40 lb barrel used just for roasting peppers and have been focusing on their way of roasting peppers for almost five years now. Next weekend, August 13th, they are getting Hatch Chilies in which are wildly popular and are always asked about so be on the watch for those!

Everything Our Little Farm and Nursery grows is from the heart. An equal amount of effort and love is put into every seedling. With a constant flux in selection, Lisa and Randy are always adding new vegetables and changing up the routine to keep to keep things exciting. Their genuine love for farming, growing, and community really set Our Little Farm and Nursery apart. They welcome everyone into their little world with open arms and it feels like home.


Catch them at the Hillsboro Sunday Market at Orenco now until the fall and stock up on fresh vegetables.






Peachy Lettuce Wraps


1 peach
1/4 cup cilantro
1/4 cup red onion
1 lime
1 butter lettuce head


  1. Chop the cilantro and red onion into fine pieces.
  2. Chop the peaches into cubes.
  3. In a small bowl, add the peach, red onion, and cilantro. Squeeze the lime juice into the bowl. Mix until well incorporated.
    Wash the butter lettuce and tear into leaves.
  4. To assemble the lettuce wraps, top with a large spoonful of the peach mixture.



Vendor Profile: Bennett Urban Farm Store

Bennett Urban Farm Store & Coffee Roasting Company specialize in homemade jams and coffee by husband-and-wife duo, Mark and Rene Bennett. After receiving raw green coffee beans as a gift 5 years ago, Mark Bennett has grown a passion for roasting coffee in unique ways ever since. Experimenting ways of roasting varying from the kitchen stovetop to roasting on a barbecue rotisserie basket in the backyard, he has accumulated over 60 lbs a week of coffee. Mark started off ordering 10 lb bags of coffee which has grown into 125 lb bags over the short 5 years he’s been roasting. A commercial roaster is also on its way to add to the growing list of ways to roast.

Mark roasted, and Rene, his wife of 31 years, created flavorful quality jams. Every batch is made in small amounts to ensure they have the best flavor they can and all the growers are local and personal friends of the Bennett’s. All the berries are hand-picked and only the best make it into each batch. The Bennett’s pride themselves in being a family based business allowing their kids to help out as well. Several local businesses have featured The Bennett’s products in their short 5 years of publicly selling their creations including Clark’s who use Rene’s jam on their sandwiches, and New Seasons Market who carry both their coffee beans and jam. They have a certified domestic kitchen which allow them to continue to work from home which makes it all feel personal.

Their main base to find them are at the markets all around Hillsboro, including Sundays at Orenco Station where Kitchen Kaboodle lets them set up shop outside their store-front. Although they’re there most every market day, they will not be at the Saturday market on August 12th due to a family commitment, but watch out for them any other market day. If you can’t make it out to a market, they do have an online mail order service so you don’t have to miss out on their delicious home-grown coffee and jams!








Vendor Profile: Fruithill

Founded in 1919, this fourth generation Schrepel family-owned farm, Fruithill is located only a short drive from the markets on 475 acres of land in Yamhill, Oregon. Priding themselves in fresh cherries picked the day before any market, their style is quick, no-hassle friendly service.

This year their focus is completely on Regina Cherries. A darker, much sweeter change from their main spotlight of tart cherries. The Schrepel family has been involved in farmers markets for many years and love to be involved in the local community to share their passion for fresh, locally grown fruit.


Each customer gets to pick out the cherries they’d like and they happily get them right then and there. Since Fruithill is only doing the Regina cherries this year, they’re only around for 2 more weeks of the market season. Make sure to stop by, say hello, and be on your way with the sweetest cherries of your choosing!




You can reach Fruithill at (503)662-3926 or online at and on facebook at

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