Vendor Profile: Hubrich Farms

Hubrich Farms was founded by Grant and Sandy Hubrich in 1983 and remains a family run business after 30+ years. After working in the high-tech industry at Intel, they decided to try to make a living selling fruits and veggies. With Grant’s previous knowledge from working on a bulb farm to put himself through college, they’ve […]

Vendor Profile: Essance Skincare

Essance Skincare began in 2005 when owner and founder Jasmine Tran had the idea of matching her passion for research and development with her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies. After working extensively helping others to get their start-ups off the ground, Tran decided to start her own brand. Her goal was to create products to benefit skin […]

Vendor Profile: These Dreams Are Clay

 Randy Goossen began These Dreams Are Clay to incorporate her creativity into her knowledge as a Geologist by forming clay into ceramic tiles, pendants, and pottery. Collecting local native leaves, cool found rocks, and burning horse hair for charring imprints, nature is always a part of Goossen’s designs. Every piece is unique and involves a […]

Vendor Profile: Helvetia Farms

Helvetia Farms was founded by Cheryl Wilson who made great use of her family’s land by making all natural products including but not limited to, soaps, essential oils, lotions, deodorant, nail polish, and toothpaste. She later passed the company down to her niece, Nicole Miller, in 2012 when she was just 16 years old. Nicole […]

Vendor Profile: Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company

Walchli’s Hermiston Melon Company was founded in 1987 by husband and wife duo, Bob and Rachelle Walchli. They grow all types of melons and beyond with their most notable item being Black Watermelons, which have a black rind, thin skin, and a deep red seedless inside, giving it a higher percentage of sugar than most. […]