Become a Vendor

Application Process

Vendor Registration will open on January 1st.

We are always looking for new, high quality growers, nurseries, and unique food vendors who use locally grown ingredients to add to our four community markets. The application plays the main role in determining the best fits for our markets. Please apply here through Manage My Market.

Please make sure to complete your application thoroughly and follow the steps below:

Complete and Sign Vendor Application Complete vendor application at ManageMyMarket. Signing your application indicates your agreement to abide by all rules listed in the HFM Vendor Handbook.
Nonrefundable Application Fee Potential vendors must submit a nonrefundable application fee with their application.  The application fee for a single market is $32.  The application fee for 2 or more markets is $52.
Copies of all Relevant Licenses Depending on your product, there are different licenses and licensing agencies that may regulate your product. It is your responsibility to determine what licenses you may need and to submit copies of them to the market. We may be helpful in directing you to the correct agency; however, the agencies have the ultimately authority.
Liability Insurance Accepted Farmers and Food Vendors are required to obtain liability insurance naming the corresponding market(s) as an additional insured. Please note: do not obtain insurance at the time of application – wait until your application is accepted. Insurance must be in place before your start date.
New vendors You are be asked to upload photos of your product to ManageMyMarket, or to bring product samples to the market office. Please make sure that you list all ingredient sources on your application.
Products Provide a complete list of all products you intend to sell. For farmers, this means a complete crop list. Vendors who wish to sell on-premise prepared or processed food products may be required to have their products evaluated.
Farmers List multiple parcels of land, and what is grown on each parcel.

Please visit the Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association website for other Oregon markets and general vendor info.