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Vendor Profile: Cousin Kenny’s

Cousin Kenny’s Barbecue has been a must-try at the Hillsboro Markets since the early 2000’s. Kenny McCann started cooking as just a hobby until he decided construction wasn’t for him anymore and then he began the venture of turning his side project into a business. Over the course of two years, he ran with his love for food and hit the market scene. Still, he always jokes “We make everything but a profit”. Cousin Kenny’s is a market-only, word-of-mouth, community known and loved stand. They specialize in pork and have their own smoker they cook with as well.

Kenny has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, including Newport and Astoria, cooking for anyone and everyone. Between festivals, booths, prep, and shopping, Cousin Kenny’s is a full-time operation without even having their own storefront. Technically retired after having a stroke that rendered him unfit for construction, Kenny stays busy doing all he can to serve his customers, first-timers and regulars. Known for their signature biscuits & gravy, they know how to warm up these cold Autumn days. Everyone who helps out at Cousin Kenny’s are kind-hearted, friendly folks who make every penny & moment worth your time.

They’re currently exclusively at the Hillsboro Saturday and Sunday Hillsboro Markets where you can find them serving up comfort food with pure smiles. They’re also online on facebook at


Vendor Profile: Kiyokawa Orchards

Kiyokawa Family Orchards has one of the biggest varieties of apples, pears, peaches, and cherries at the market. Diversification has been a huge area of focus as more and more requests came in over the years for specific types of apples and pears. Located in the Hood River Valley, they are able to produce upwards of 125 types of apples by using the altitude to their advantage. Founded in 1911, Kiyokawa Family Orchards continues to grow on their five main orchards that take up over 200 acres of farmland all within ten miles of the next. They tend the fruit year round alternating between each season’s finest. Being located so close to Mt. Hood, the water is glacier-fed and creates a pure environment to grow such fresh tasting fruit.

Randy took over his family’s Orchards as his grandparents and parents got older and became less able to take on such difficult and demanding tasks. Founded by Randy’s grandfather, Riichi, who moved here from Japan in 1905 and began farming. What once began as just a way to make a living has now become a community of sharing locally and providing people with fresh and unique produce. They participate in fruit stands, farmers markets, and their own storefront in Parkdale, OR.

Nearing the end of the market season, October is a fantastic time to stock up on apples and pears that are great for storing and fall treats. Great for pies, hot cider, applesauce, canning, drying and so much more. Catch them at our few remaining markets to wrap up this season.

Vendor Profile: Pruitt’s Farm

Pruitt’s Farm has been a vendor with the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets on and off since the very beginning, taking each chance they get to further connect with the community. They’ve become a staple this year with their delicious produce and creative booth setup decoration. Harvesting all the produce they can and reusing products before tossing them has led to Pruitt’s booth being the perfect welcome to Fall – pumpkins of all sizes cascading around the cornstalks make us want to cozy up and watch the leaves change color. The farm is located in Cornelius, Oregon, and sell only locally grown goods as community is a very important factor to them.

Pruitt’s has been operating on the very same piece of land it started on 67 years ago. The family has grown up with the passion for farming and take high pride in the quality of their produce and remain a proudly independent farm. The family works day in and day out to make sure that the community gets the best they can offer. There are a total of five greenhouses on the property that shelter a vast variety of produce. Pruitt’s offers anything from pumpkins, to tomatoes, grapevines, fruits, veggies, orchards, free range chickens, and everything in between. Their storefront is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10am-5pm where you’re free to pick your own goods. The store also features handmade work from local artists including things such as crochet and quilts.

Pruitt’s Farm was started by George & Ivvle Pruitt and is now represented by four generations. Rick Johnson currently oversees all the interaction with the farm and is always out and about at the markets enjoying the community with his family. Stop by the booth at one of the few remaining markets this month! They’re always at the Saturday market in Downtown Hillsboro. If you can’t make it out to a market you can head over to their store or watch out for the Winter Bazaar they host every year starting November 1st to mid-December, featuring the work of many local craftspeople in the community they’re always supporting and working with. You can also find them online at their website:










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